Leeds Irish Golf Society Rules

Leeds Irish Golf Society Rules 2017

1. The society shall be called the Leeds Irish Golfing Society and based at the Irish Centre York Road Leeds.

2 The object of the Society is to bring together Golfing Members of the Irish Community and friends, compete for trophies presented to the Society and also to play matches against other Golfing Societies and Clubs.

3 The subscription shall be £25 per annum payable in advance and due January 1st and must be paid before competing for any of the annual trophies.

4. The Society shall be empowered to elect at the general meeting Honorary Life Members, Honorary Members and Associate Members. Candidates for membership must be proposed by one member and seconded by another, both Proposer and Seconder must have held membership for a minimum of two full years. The elections shall be vested solely in the committee five members to form the quorum. The committee must receive confirmation of handicaps.

5. Retired members, minimum age 65 years, shall be offered a continuance of membership at a reduced rate. This will be £15 per annum or as the committee see fit and subject to alteration at any time.

6. The Management of the Society shall consist of the Chairman, the Captain, and Vice- Captain, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer, Competition Secretary and other Committee members. The Committee may fill any vacancies that occur throughout the year.

7. The Annual General Meeting of the Society will consist of ordinary business, the election of Officers and Committee to be held in January of each year.

8. The Committee shall make a report of the Societies proceedings and furnish a statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting.

9. The Committee Meeting’s shall be called at the discretion of the Chairman, Captain and Honorary Secretary with the proviso that not less than six meetings be held in any one year by the society.

10. All perpetual trophies can only be held for one year and each year the holder’s name will be inscribed on the plinth.The holder must deliver up the trophies each year before or on the day of the appropriate competition. The holder of the trophy shall insure it under his personal Household Policy. No competitors shall win more than one prize in any one competition or combination of competitions based on the score card for any one round. Rule 10 will be amended by the Committee at any time the trophies are added too.

11. Each member entering a competition shall present the Competition Secretary with his handicap and in the event of the player being a member of more than one Club, the lowest handicap shall be started. The Committee has the power to fix the handicap of any member playing in a competition and any question or dispute that may arise on the day of the competition present. The winner is to be declared at the close of play and in the event of a tie the result should be decided on the back nine holes on the card. If this should still show a tie than such should be decided on the break-down of the card. A prize will be presented to the winner by the society.

11a All club members are required to supply the competition secretary with a copy of his own golf club handicap at the beginning of each season.

11b A penalty of disqualification will be imposed after the competition has closed if a competitor:

(1) Returned a score card on which he had recorded a handicap that, before the
competition closed, he knew was higher than that to which he was entitled,
and this affected the number of strokes received or:

(2) Returned a score for any hole lower than actually taken, or for not signing the
Score card, or knew before the competition closed that he had been in breach
Of any Rule for which the penalty is disqualification.

(3) Disqualification Penalty, Committee Discretion.
A penalty of disqualification may in exceptional be waived, modified or imposed if the committee consider such action warranted.Any penalty less than disqualification must not be waived or modified.If a committee considers that a player is guilty of a serious breach of etiquette it may impose a penalty of disqualification there is no time limit on applying the disqualification penalty for a breach of the rules.

12 Matches and competitions may be played on any recognised Golf Course with the consent of the Committee of the Club concerned.

13 The Committee shall have the power to make regulation and by-laws in accordance with these Rules and to settle disputed points not otherwise provided for by these Rules.

14 These Rules shall only be altered at the Annual General Meeting held in January of ach year, or at extraordinary General Meeting called with this purpose in mind.

15. New members with current club handicaps must play for Guest prizes for the first outing with the LIGS and those with no recognized handicap must play twice before being eligible for member’s prizes

16 If a player has an official club handicap and a LIGS handicap then they must play off the lower of the two in all LIGS competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification should that player win the competition.

17 The player who at the end of the season has amassed the most points will become Player of the Year. In the event of a tie, the player who has amassed the most number of rounds attended will be crowned the champion.

18. All members of the Golf Society are encouraged to be members of the Leeds Irish Centre.

19. For all Perpetual trophies there must be a minimum of 9 players before that designated trophy can be played for.

20. For all competition the following apply:
1-9 Players - One Prize
10-16 Players - Two Prizes
16+ Players - Three Prizes

21. The outgoing captain is to remain on the committee for the following year.

22. At the captain’s dinner in order to receive their prizes all players and prize winners must attend the presentation.
** Please not that the dress code for this occasion is Jacket and Tie.

23. Members are requested to observe the dress code for all other events of smart casual.

Passed by the Committee January 2017